The Book

Winnipeg the ruin, Winnipeg of the haunted past, Winnipeg of
murder and flames. Winnipeg of cold and death, Winnipeg of the
hopeless, Winnipeg the doomed.
–Jonathan Ball, Preface to The Shadow Over Portage and Main

The Shadow over Portage and Main is an anthology of Weird fiction inspired by Winnipeg.  While not all of the stories feature Winnipeg, all of the writers have been influenced by the city in some way.  Some are current residents.  Some visited.  Some escaped.  All are haunted.

You can order the book online at the following online locations:

Great Plains Publishing

McNally Robinson


After April 20, 2016, you can also buy the book at the following physical locations:

McNally Robinson Winnipeg

University of Manitoba Bookstore

Chapters, Winnipeg  (Both Polo Park and St. Vital locations)


To contact the authors and editors of The Shadow Over Portage & Main, please email